Israeli bulldozers destroy Jenin refugee camp

‘Homes are being systematically demolished,’ says Hassib. ‘Could you call some diplomats and ask them to intervene?’ Another phone call, another horror story.

A woman in Jenin refugee camp, called to the office and practically screamed that she and her seven children were trapped inside their shelter in Jenin refugee camp.

Israeli bulldozers are systematically demolishing the last two quarters of the refugee camp. Three quarters have already been destroyed.

An estimated 3,000 women and children are still in Jenin refugee camp. They try to leave the refugee camp, in order to save their lives, but are afraid of being killed by the Israeli army.

The diplomats I called, apologised, they could not help me further. Tomorrow, at 11:30 am a three-judge panel of Israeli justices Matza, Englard and Rivlin will hear the case against the mass burial of Palestinians by the Israeli army.