Israel teargasses peaceful demonstrators in Nablus

11:30AM, 5 June 2003 — Israeli Occupation Forces threw tear gas at peaceful demonstrators today at the Huwarra checkpoint outside Nablus. The demonstation primarily comprised of representatives from the medical, educational, legal, journalist, civil and human rights organizations from Nablus along with internationals from the International Solidarity Movement. Several local and international peaceful demonstrators were taken away for medical treatment.

June 5th marks the 36th anniversary of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza in 1967. The peaceful demonstration in Nablus was the primary demonstration in the Occupied Palestinian Territories on a global day of action which sees demonstrations all across the world; including London, New York, Jerusalem, Canada & Dublin.

The day of action was called to protest the escalating violence against the Palestinian community and international human rights workers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Demonstrators called for protection for Palestinian civilians and internationals, a moratorium on construction of the apartheid wall and it’s associated land confiscations & home demolitions, and an end to the occupation.

The Huwarra checkpoint is one of the many evident instances of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, where Palestinians are regularly humiliated, detained and beaten. Currently there are two young boys, aged 14 and 16, that have been detained since Saturday, May 3, without charge or access to legal aid.

The demonstration marched 500 meters from the end of Jerusalem Street to the Huwarra checkpoint where they stopped at the Nablus side of the checkpoint. At that point, the Israeli Occupation Forces shot teargas into the peaceful demonstation which consisted of many women and children who were also affected by the teargas.

There was no response from the peaceful demonstrators except to retreat 30 meters to a safer distance to carry on the peaceful demonstration, which continued for an additional 20 minutes.

During the demonstration a press conference was held with a representative from the Nablus municipality and a representative from the International Solidarity Movement.

For more information, contact: Saif +972-59-335-271

ISM also reports from Tulkarem:

Israeli Border Police entered Al-Quds University in Tulkarem at 11pm Tuesday night searching lecture rooms and scrawling racist messages on the blackboards, Student Resources reported.

ISM volunteers viewed the racial epithets, which included “All Arabs are bastards” (translated from Hebrew) and “Israel Israel” surrounded by multiple images of the Star of David.

University staff also reported that the Border Police tore up posters of Tulkarem university students killed by Israeli forces.

For further information call Mohammed +972-52-854-586 or Radhika +972-52-475-663.