Israel reinvades Tulkarem camp, destroys homes

Around 11pm Wednesday, January 14, the Israeli army re-invaded the Tulkarem refugee camp, after a 30-hour invasion that ended Tuesday. A curfew was imposed throughout the entire camp at 4am on Thursday morning.

Soldiers entered two homes, between the hours of 5 and 9am and ordered the families and nearby neighbors to leave immediately. One of the homes belonged to the family of a man who was killed by Israeli troops over one year ago in the Nur Shams refugee camp of Tulkarem. The second home belonged to a man who was arrested by the army during the invasion two days ago.

Neither of the families were told that their homes were to be demolished or allowed to take any belongings with them.

All homes surrounding the two targeted also sustained damage, including entire walls destroyed, severe structural cracks, shattered windows and damage to personal property.

Israeli soldiers also told one camp resident that their home would be destroyed once their son, who is wanted by the Israeli army, is caught.

Flo Razowsky works with the International Solidarity Movement in Palestine. For more information, contact Flo (English) via +972-67-361-708 or Abed (Arabic\English) via +972-55 474 066 or +97-59 836 783.