Israel continues shelling and aerial bombardments across southern Lebanon

UN patrol base in El- Khiam, East of South Lebanon, which received a direct areal bomb hit from IDF where four UN Observers lost their life. (UNIFIL)

Exchanges of fire continued in the past 24 hours, with a high intensity and throughout the UNIFIL area of operations. Hezbollah fired rockets in large numbers from various locations. The IDF continued shelling and aerial bombardment across the south.

The IDF has maintained their presence and continued to operate on Lebanese territory in different areas. There are no reports of significant changes since yesterday in the areas where they are operating. There are reports this morning of intensive ground exchanges in many areas: Bayyadah and Mansuri along the coast, Bint Jubayl and Yarun in the central sector, Mays al Jabal, Markaba, Addaisseh, Kafr Kila, Hula, and Tayyabah in the central east sector. The IDF reinforced their presence in the areas of Marun Al Ras and Addaisseh, and returned to the general area of Sarda.

Intensive air strikes were reported this morning in the area of the watercourse of the Litani River, northwest of Blat, in the eastern sector, and in the area between Bayyadah and Tyre along the Mediterranean coast. Israeli gunboat also shelled the coastal areas north of Naqoura. It was also reported that the Lebanese Army checkpoint at Mansuri was hit by Israeli artillery fire yesterday, killing one soldier and injuring two.

Israeli air strikes of this morning destroyed a provisional bridge over the Litani river on the coastal road north of Tyre (the original bridge was destroyed by Israeli air strikes in the beginning of hostilities), thereby effectively cutting off road communication from Tyre to Saida and Beirut. In coordination with the Lebanese authorities, UNIFIL is trying to ensure with the IDF the reopening of the road by putting up another provisional bridge in that area, especially for humanitarian purposes.

There were two incidents of firing close to a UNIFIL position by Hezbollah in the area of Hula. In another incident yesterday, two missiles from an unknown source impacted in the vicinity of a UNIFIL logistic convoy in El Addaisseh. This morning, Hezbollah fired rockets from the vicinity of the UN position in Tibnin, and the IAF carried out air strikes on the areas from which the fire originated. There were no injuries or damage to UNIFIL property. UNIFIL strongly protested all these incidents to the Lebanese and Israeli authorities respectively.

All UNIFIL positions remain permanently occupied and maintained by the troops. Fourteen UN positions, including the UNIFIL headquarters in Naqoura, are currently located in the areas where the IDF operates inside Lebanese territory, and where intensive shelling and ground exchanges are taking place. UNIFIL dispatched one logistic convoy yesterday, and additional re- supply convoys are planned for today.

UNIFIL assisted the rotation of troops of the Lebanese Joint Security Forces in Marjayoun, and escorted its convoy from Marjayoun to Tibnin and back.

The UNIFIL search team rescued one civilian from a collapsed building in Naqoura yesterday. He received initial treatment at the UNIFIL hospital, and was evacuated to the hospital in Tyre. The UNIFIL search and rescue team recovered the remains of three people in the building, and handed them over to the next of kin.

UNIFIL provided water to the village of Ibil as Saqi, and medical assistance to the internally displaced people in the village. It also transported one generator from Khiyam to Ibil as Saqi to restore water pumping. A UNIFIL team escorted and assisted municipality workers to repair and restore the power supply to Marjayoun. A humanitarian convoy to distribute food provided by the French government and the Maronite Bishop of Tyre to the villages of the western sector is planned for today.

The IDF handed over to UNIFIL two Lebanese civilians and one Sudanese national bearing a Lebanese working permit at the Ras Naqoura crossing yesterday. This move was coordinated with the Lebanese authorities. UNIFIL handed the over to the Lebanese authorities.

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