ISM Update: Detention of Two British Activists at Erez Border Crossing

It has been twenty eight hours since, at 8:30 PM on Thursday evening, May 8, 2003, two British internationals were detained at Erez border crossing at the entrance to the Gaza Strip.

The Internationals are Nick and Alice. Both have been held at the crossing with no arrest and no charges. The police have actually refused to arrest them. There is no reason to arrest them. There are no charges pending.

Neither Nick or Alice have had any sleep. There is no place to sleep at the border crossing. Nick was interrogated for many hours by the Shin Bet (Israeli Security Services).

They are being told that they are being deported. Alice has said that their plans were to leave the country anyway. However, the pair would like to go back to Rafah to collect the remainder of their belongings, say goodbye to friends and then leave the country as planned by boat from Haifa.

Nick and Alice are being held as part of the overall execution of a plan to remove ISM from the West Bank and Gaza. The plan targets internationals heading to Gaza in particular.

Upon arrival at the border crossing, one is presented with a form to fill out. It absolves Israel of all responsibility in the case an International is injured or killed and in addition forces the International to waive all basic rights.

Nick and Alice signed this document.

They have asked that people call the Israeli authorities at Erez Checkpoint on +972-8-674-1557 to inquire why the two are being held illegally and when they will be released.

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