ISM activists released on bail

Activists released on bail

Tel Aviv — Rejecting the claims of the Israeli government prosecution, Judge Gabriel Kling ruled yesterday that three international peace activists do not represent a “security risk” to the state of Israel.

Continuing that “to protest is not illegal,” Kling‚s statement appears to set a hopeful precedent in the case of three. Primarily, it allows them to be released on bail, until their next hearing, which will come before the Israeli High Court in October. At that point, the courts will again consider the claim of the Ministry of the Interior that the three represent a security risk and should be deported immediatly.

The prosecution appealed this descision, but today at noon, the Israeli High Court judge who heard the appeal rejected it, adding further weight to the notion that peacefully demonstrating against the occupation cannot be considered reason for deportation, and momentarily staying the government‚s attempt to criminalize mere membership in the ISM.

Tarek Loubani, Tobias Karlsson, and Frederik Lind, from Canada, Sweden, and Denmark, have been held now for over two weeks in Ariel detention center, following their arrest at the Arrabony Peace Camp in Jenin. They are charged with entering a closed military zone.

Although Judge Kling ruled that the men should be released, they are barred from traveling to the Occupied Territories until their deportation case is heard on October 7. The three have opposed their deportation from Israel, stating that they were at the camp at the request of the Palestinians, and that the Israeli government does not have jurisdiction in the Occupied Territories.

Until their hearing in October, the three men are prohibited from participating in political activities, including public demonstrations, and must register with the local police, according to Judge Kling‚s ruling.

Today they were released to the custody of Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom of the organization Rabbis For Human Rights. In a seperate agreement, Frederik Lind has agreed to return home to Denmark before Sunday in exchange for all charges being dropped.

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