Interview: S’ra DeSantis on the Apartheid Wall in Budrus

The devastation in Budrus began yesterday as olive trees were uprooted and detroyed to make way for the Apartheid Wall, despite community protest. (

An interview by CKUT Radio’s Stefan Christoff with S’ra DeSantis, a social justice activist and organic farmer in Burlington Vermont. S’ra is currently in Budrus, Palestine, a rural village in the West Bank fighting for its existence against the Israeli military and the planned construction path of the Apartheid Wall.

The Wall, deemed a “security measure” by the Israeli state, is clearly an effort to steal more Palestinian land. The Palestinian Environmental NGO Network has estimated that upwards of 50 per cent of the West Bank land will be plundered by the completion of the wall, which is not being built on or near the 1967 Green Line and at points reaches 16km deep into the heart of the West Bank.

Budrus is a community actively resisting the construction of the Apartheid Wall with weekly demonstrations being held, which represent a living face of Palestine civil resistance to the brutal and illegal Israeli military occupation.

S’ra DeSantis

S’ra DeSantis is a vegetable farmer with the Diggers Mirth Collective Farm in Burlington’s Intervale. She works with the Institute for Social Ecology’s Biotechnology Project and is on the Board of Directors of the Action for Social and Ecological Justice (ASEJ), an organization that does solidarity work in Mexico and Central America.
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