Independent film portrays Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Palestinian children play in Rashidiya camp, whose population was hard hit by the 34-day war between Israel and Hezbollah. (Serene Assir/IRIN)

A new Indymedia film addressing the situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon has been released.

The 22-minute film shows their lives in their camps and provides an opportunity for the refugees to share their experiences with the viewing audience. They discuss their miserable social, political and economic situation and reflect on their relationship to Palestine.

The footage of this video was filmed in the refugee camps of Shatila and Mar Elias (beside Beirut), Naher al-Bared (Trablous), Bourj ash-Shamali (Sour) and Ain al-Hilweh (Saida).

The film is ready for download with English subtitles at:

It is also available in languages:

The filmmakers may be contacted at

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