If we must live

A view of a flock of birds flying during sunset at the beach in Gaza, 31 January 2015. (Mohammed Asad / APA Images) 

If we must live,
we shall unfold the tale,
where echoes of hope prevail.
Piece by piece,
weaving threads of hope,
a narrative retold.
We will fly a kite
that ascends through the vast expanse,
in a rhythmic dance.
Like an angelic presence,
a smile takes flight,
landing gently
on every Gazan’s plight.
From the gaze of orphans,
to the grace of elders,
Hope will illuminate this sacred space.
The pained,
shall find their rest.
We’ll unfold the tale,
let echoes resound,
reviving hope
like raindrops abound,
quenching the thirst of arid hearts,
each part.
We will rise again,
opening the doors to the morning,
planting hopes tenderly.
From the start,
we shall embark,
like a bird’s melody,
we will compose hope in the strings of life.

Ghada Hania is a researcher and translator based in Gaza.