Hunger strike against Israel’s Apartheid Wall enters fourth day

Concrete parts of Israel’s Apartheid Wall in ar-Ram between Kalandia and Beit Hanina (Arjan El Fassed)

Azmi Bishara’s hunger strike against the construction of the Israeli Apartheid wall is now entering its fourth day. The hunger strike is a call to focus attention and rally support against the Apartheid Wall being built by Israel which will cantonize the West Bank and Jerusalem, severing Palestinians familial, social, cultural and economic ties and separating parents from children and brother from sister.

The Hunger Strike and solidarity tent set up at the northern entrance of Jerusalem at the point where the wall is currently being built has seen a continuous stream of solidarity delegations from all over the country. Expressions of support and solidarity have been pouring in from abroad as well.

Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi and Father Atallah Hanna have joined the ranks of the hunger strikers yesterday. The Israeli activist Michal Warshavsky also joined the hunger strike.

Today at 1 pm a press briefing will be held at the solidarity tent to announce a program of activities that will take place in the next few days and which will include: A general commercial strike on Thursday, a demonstration against the wall in Hizma on Thursday, a call to set up solidarity tents in all Palestinian centers, and a call to hold collective Friday noon prayers at the solidarity tent.

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