Gunmen kill Fatah activist

Palestinians demonstrate in Nablus against killing a man who hung a Fateh campaign poster January 24, 2006. (MAANnews/Bilal Nasser)

In the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday, 24 January 2006, unidentified gunmen opened fire at Ahmad Yousef Abdel Jabbar Hassuna, 36, of Nablus, and killed him. PCHR’s preliminary investigation indicates that, on Monday evening (23 January 2006), a group of gunmen carrying automatic rifles came to the victim’s house in Rafedeya neighborhood. They asked him to remove from his house’s wall a picture of PLC candidate Ghassan El-Shak’a; but he refused to comply with their demand. The gunmen left.

At approximately 02:00 on Tuesday, ten unidentified gunmen came to the house and attempted to remove the picture. Their voices woke up Hassouna, who came out of his house carrying a pistol. The gunmen immediately opened fire at him, hitting him with a bullet in the head. He died instantly.

PCHR condemns this crime, and calls for investigating the crime, and bringing the perpetrators to justice and requests from all candidates and their supporters to end all forms of campaigning, and to respect the Elections Law, which limited campaigning to the period 3-23 January 2006.

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