Gaza Withdrawal and the Right of Return

Listen to an interview with Mohammad Jaradat, coordinator of political campaigns at BADIL, a Palestinian NGO based in the West Bank. BADIL’s work is primarily focused on the ongoing Palestinian struggle for the right of return and acts as a coordination point for the international struggle on this issue in the occupied West Bank.

A Palestinian flag flies over Wavel refugee camp in Lebanon’s Bekka Valley. (Photo: Stefan Christoff EI)

In the midst of the withdrawal of illegal Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip and a handful in the West Bank, the issue of the right of return for Palestinian refugees has been seldom addressed by major media and political leaders throughout the world.

In this context, the majority of Palestinians continue to demand their right to return, enshrined in international law. The right of return for Palestinian refugees and its implementation directly challenges the creation of a two state solution.

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Stefan Christoff is currently in Lebanon as Electronic Intifada’s Special Correspondent, reporting on present-day struggles for social justice. Stefan is a member of the International Solidarity Movement and also is active with Indymedia Beirut. You can contact Stefan at: christoff(at)