Gaza Daily Update, 7.00 PM

Two Palestinian women in their destroyed home in northern Gaza. (PCHR)

Since the wide-scale Israeli military assault on the northern part of the Gaza Strip, 115 Palestinians have been killed, including 29 children and 17 Palestinians in other parts of Gaza. At least 381 Palestinians, including 127 children were injured. Numerous homes and private property have also been destroyed as IOF utilize air force and heavy tanks in this military operation. In addition, as the incursion continues, the civilian population of the area suffer shortage in food and water supply. In the areas which IOF occupy civilians lack the most basic needs. Al Mezan is still receiving plights from people who have been in urgent need for medicine and water.

Events of day 13, Monday 11 October 2004

IOF’s military operation in North Gaza entered its 13th day today, 11 October 2004. According to Al Mzan’s fieldworkers, IOF demolished 73 homes completely and hundreds of homes partially since 28 September 2004. They also leveled an area of 480 dunams of farmland, most of which in this area. Due to the continued use of excessive force by IOF, 115 Palestinians have been killed and 381 wounded during the past twelve days. Among the deceased are 29 children. In addition, IOF destroyed numerous public facilities, including police and security posts, schools, mosques and kindergartens were damaged or destroyed

At approximately 7:45pm yesterday, Sunday October 10, 2004, an Israeli drone launched a missile towards Al Ajrami Street in Jabalia refugee camp. Four Palestinians were injured, one of whom, 21-ear-old Sameh Zamil Al Wheedy, died at hospital a few hours later. Several homes were damaged due to the explosion.

At 2:50am today, October 11, 2004, IOF fired a tank shell towards As Sika Street in Jabalia camp. No casualties were reported. At 3:15am today, Israeli drone launched a missile towards Al Harthani Secondary School in Beit Lahia. Three people were injured, one of whom critically. At 3:15am today, 22-year-old Ahmad Zaki Hamad, from the town of Beit Hanoun, was announced dead at hospital. Hamad was injured in a missile attack on the town’s center yesterday. At 4am today, 21-year-old Yousif Abu Saif, from Jabalia camp, was also announced dead at hospital. Abu Saif was injured in another missile attack on the Al Ajrami Street in Jabalia, which took place yesterday at 7:45pm.

Israeli tanks, which have been stationed near the military intelligence’s post northern Tel Az Zaatar, retreated to Qleebo hill, where they took positions in the hill that oversees the Tel Az Zaarat neighborhood and Beit Lahia. At 12pm today, IOF demolished the house of Ramadan Yousif Ahmad, which is located in Qleebo neighborhood. Tanks opened fire towards the nearby house of Ahmad’s brother forcing the family to evacuate the house.

In the middle-Gaza town of Deir Al Balah, IOF tanks and armored bulldozers stormed into the Al Mahata neighborhood at approximately 4:15am today. 29-year-old Samir Muhammad Khammash was killed from a bullet in the head. Five others were injured, three of whom are children, from the Israeli fire. Seven-year-old Ibrahim Fayiz Abdul Hadi was injured when he was inside his house. Moreover, IOF bulldozed 30 dunams of cultivated land, and destroyed four homes partially.

At 10:30 yesterday, IOF fired artillery from the settlement of Neve Dekalim in Khan Younis. It hit the Maternity Department in Nasser Hospital in the town destroying its windows and causing severe damage to it. Several people, both health personnel and patients, were treated from trauma.

At 2:40pm today, IOF opened machinegun fire towards homes in Qleebo neighborhood. Three homes were damaged in the area. According to Al Mezan’s fieldworker, Majid Jum’a Abu Nadi, Majdi Jum’a Abu Nadi, and Ahmad Ad Dabbagh own the homes. This neighborhood has been exposed to frequent firing by IOF since the beginning of the incursion on 28 September 2004 that its resident called on the ICRC and human rights organizations to evacuate them from the neighborhood.

Also in the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis, IOF fired machineguns and artillery towards homes in As Satar neighborhood at around midnight yesterday. Artillery hit the house of Najih Abu Swelem and burnt it, and damaged several neighboring homes. Swelem’s family, eight of which are children, could hardly evacuate the burning house. At 6am, IOF fired artillery on the same area. One person, 25-year-old Shady Al Adini was injured.

Al Mezan’s fieldworker reported that an explosion occurred in Ash-Sheikh Khalil family house in Rafah camp, south of the Gaza Strip. The explosion occurred at 1:10am today. While witnesses and local media said an Israeli missile targeted the house, the Israeli Army denied its responsibility for it.

At 1pm today, IOF allowed vehicular movement through the Abu Holy checkpoint in the middle of the Gaza Strip. Witnesses reported to Al Mezan that IOF allowed movement for small groups of vehicles making it very difficult to pass through. Al Mezan received mounting reports about civilians who have been in crucial conditions due to the long closure of this checkpoint, especially those who need to travel for health care or business.

Palestinian, Israeli and international statements

On 9 October 2004, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) issued a press release demanding access to its patients in the Gaza Strip, which has been cut in three separate segments for the second week. It said that its medical teams have not been allowed to reach the vast majority of its patients due to Israeli restrictions of movement, even though the organization made multiple requests to IOF in this regard. It also said one of its personnel and his family was in danger as IOF destroyed their home in Beit Hanoun. MSF asked for “access to its patients in the Gaza Strip”.

Senior Israeli officials said today that the military operation in the Gaza Strip would continue for unlimited time. Israeli sources said that the IOF said they would act in other areas in the Gaza Strip, and not only in the northern area.

Due to the Israeli incursion in North Gaza and to the presence of IOF tanks 150 meters from its office, which incurs serous dangers on the center’s office and the safety of its staff, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights was forced to close its main office in Jabalia camp. The Center receives the cases who need intervention in person or by telephone in its Gaza office in Izzadin Al Qassam St., tel/fax: +970 (0)8 2820447/2.

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