Free Gaza

Pat Perry is an artist from Michigan. He currently lives and works itinerantly in the US.

This image was created for Imaging Apartheid, a Montreal-based initiative aimed at bringing awareness and support to the Palestinian struggle for liberation through the production and dissemination of poster art.




some day, some how the Palestinians are going to be liberated from the arrogant and genocidal Israel. Since 1920 Israel has murdered more than a million and evicted 5 million Palestinians from their home land. When the Jews started colonizing Palestine they only owned 15% of the land, at this very moment the Jews have stolen more than 90% of the Palestinian land.
This is beyond CHUTZPAH, beyond insolence.


Excellent graphic. Congratulations to Pat Perry for the fine artistry.


However; their isn't a wall around Gaza just a fence. At least depicts some rockets going over the wall.