ExpoTech Palestine in Gaza from December 4th-6th

Scenes from previous ExpoTech Palestine exhibitions.

NOTE: THIS EVENT WAS CANCELLED ON NOVEMBER 11TH. Organisers took the decision due to the political circumstances and the limited space sold for the Exhibition.

ExpoTech Palestine Exhibition will be held at the Rashad Al Shawa Cultural Center, Gaza from December 4th—6th 2004.

Claim your exhibition space at the technology crossroads of Palestine Gaza City. Meet your market, launch, preview and demo products. Sell your proven technology solutions.

Why your business should participate at ExpoTech Palestine 2004

Earn an exceptional return on investment (ROI). ExpoTech Palestine gives you a remarkable return on your fees invested by the sales generated from the show floor or as a direct result of those contacts. Form relationships and gain industry knowledge. ExpoTech Palestine is positioned to become an important annual marketing event.

Reach the full decision-making spectrum. As distribution channels evolve, and consolidation in business and industry increases, finding the right buyer mix becomes ever more complex. From distributors to dealers, IT managers and financial directors and CEOs - at ExpoTech Palestine, they’ll find you.

Build strategic alliances. There’s ample room for synergy among suppliers to this rapidly growing marketplace. In today’s highly competitive technology environment, strategic alliances and the exchange of information serve the interests of companies large and small.

Hands-on demonstration opportunities. Attendees at ExpoTech Palestine will benefit from this hands-on learning experience through product exhibits and demonstrations. You’ll have ample opportunity to engage potential customers with your products and the technology behind them.

Palestine Technology under one roof. ExpoTech Palestine is the only event in Palestine with information and communications technology as its core, surrounded by an ever-expanding range of peripherals and supplies. There’s no better single opportunity to reach institutional, corporate, retail and consumer purchasers.

Developing sound business strategies. ExpoTech Palestine is far more than just the leading exposition of technology products and services in Palestine. With over half a dozen business-building seminars, it’s a place to learn.

Attendance. ExpoTech Palestine’s powerful marketing outreach will access a wide circle of industry associations, the international community, educators, government, business owners and retail consumers. ExpoTech Palestine’s Web site will have a permanent presence on the Internet.

Showcasing the future. ExpoTech Palestine exhibits represent the latest technological advances - and you’ll see them here first. Those who come, whether to buy or to sell, will find new ways to strengthen their business edge and practical use of technology.

Your competition will be here. Anybody who’s anybody in developing, manufacturing or marketing information and communications technology products, services and solutions will participates at ExpoTech Palestine. Shouldn’t you be here, too?

Reservation and Payment

  • Deadline for reservations is November 10th 2004.
  • Reservation requests should be sent by e-mail or fax to PITA office.
  • All Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.
  • A 50% deposit is required within 48 hours of receiving confirmation of your
  • Remaining 50% should be paid by the deadline November 20th.

    For more information, visit www.pita-palestine.org.