European Parliament delegation witnesses destruction in Gaza

Italian parliamentarian Luisa Morgantini gives a press conference on the delegation’s findings. (David Lundy)

Speaking from Gaza on the second last day of a European Parliament fact finding mission to Israel and Palestine, Italian parliamentarian Luisa Morgantini reiterated the delegation’s call for an end to the occupation, and end to the siege of Gaza and for Palestinian unity and independence.

“The future of Palestine is at stake, we are calling on Palestinian political forces to work together and we share the position that the occupation must finish. We are aware of the siege, the related destruction and the devastation of Palestinian life caused by this occupation”.

Having met with PLC members in Gaza from all political groups, Morgantini stressed that the delegation had wanted to meet with all parties without exclusion out of respect for the results of legitimate and democratic elections and demanded the release of all political prisoners held in Israeli jails.

“This visit and these meetings here in Gaza have illustrated to us the difficulties of life in this open-air prison. It is high time that international law was implemented and time for Israel to show some respect for UN resolutions.”

While in Gaza, the delegation visited Shifa hospital and saw evidence of the type of weapons used by the Israeli army against Palestinians. The European Parliamentarians also met with civil society activists, journalists and businessmen.

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