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This year 2.5 million individuals in almost every country have read news at The Electronic Intifada – a big increase from last year!

We’re not just reaching more people, we’re shaping the way mainstream media, influential commentators, educators and activists talk about Palestine.

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In his highly-acclaimed new book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel, Max Blumenthal writes that The Electronic Intifada was among a handful of publications that “provided essential outlets for much of the reporting contained on these pages – material that less courageous publications have shied away from.”

The fiercest opponents of Palestinian rights are taking notice too. According to Gerald Steinberg, director of the influential anti-Palestinian group NGO Monitor, The Electronic Intifada is part of the “engine propelling” the growing movement for Palestinian rights.

He lamented that the “incompetence” of the Israeli government’s outreach effort “stands in sharp contrast to the activities of groups like [The] Electronic Intifada.” To his chagrin, Steinberg knows we are succeeding.

Quality and breadth

With a solid record over 13 years, we’re still an agile and fresh publication, always on the cutting edge. You know the quality of the work we do and we make your support go a long way.

Below are some highlights of our work this year that give only a small taste of the astounding and unique breadth of coverage and analysis The Electronic Intifada provides from writers and media makers including Ali Abunimah, Rami Almeghari, Linah Alsaafin, Rana Baker, Nora Barrows-Friedman, Joe Catron, Jonathan Cook, David Cronin, Sarah Irving, Jillian Kestler-D’Amours, Sawsan Khalife’, Sami Kishawi, Daryl Meador, Maureen Murphy, Moe Ali Nayel, Adri Nieuwhof, Ilan Pappe, Amena Saleem, David Sheen, Charlotte Silver, Patrick O. Strickland, Asa Winstanley and many more.

There is a thirst for credible, fearless reporting and people turn to The Electronic Intifada because they know that’s where they can get it.

It’s because we are an independent, nonprofit publication, supported by readers like you that we can never be intimidated or silenced when it comes to telling the truth about Palestine.

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Highlights from 2013

  • Our original reportage and photo stories shed light on Palestine’s realities, from the everyday nightmare workers face at Israeli checkpoints to the struggle of Palestinian Bedouins to stay on their land.
  • While world media habitually ignore Gaza, we’ve maintained our commitment to shine a light on the lives, struggles and resilience of the Palestinian people there, with regular reporting from Rami Almeghari, Joe Catron and others.
  • Our exclusives, revealing how Israeli soldiers use social media to incite hatred and spread violence, were picked up by global media, forcing the Israeli army to respond – demonstrating that what we do has an impact on the most powerful institutions.
  • Our reporting showed the connections between Palestine and other struggles in the world. For instance, Max Blumenthal’s widely disseminated investigation into Teach for America revealed the alliance between school privatization advocates and funders seeking to introduce a pro-Israel agenda into US classrooms.
  • We’ve continued to grow the audience for The Electronic Intifada Podcast – now available through iTunes – professionally produced by Nora Barrows-Friedman and featuring in-depth interviews with human rights workers, artists and activists and on-the-ground reports from Palestine.
  • We covered the plight of Palestinian refugees in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt as well as the alarming campaigns of incitement against them.
  • Our pioneering investigative reporting revealed the Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian funders behind several organizations deceptively presenting themselves as “human rights” and “Muslim American” groups.
  • Our high-quality reviews and interviews with leading artists such as director Annemarie Jacir and painter John Halaka have made The Electronic Intifada the go-to forum for Palestine arts coverage.
  • We reported from the front lines of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, especially the fightback by students against efforts to repress Palestine solidarity activism on campus.

Every day at The Electronic Intifada, you’ll see a wealth of unique reporting, features, arts coverage and analysis that changes the way the world sees Palestine.


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