Court decision obtained to freeze construction of wall south Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Center for Social & Economic Rights (JCSER) has obtained a decision from the Israeli Conciliation Court in Tel Aviv forcing the Israeli army to freeze construction work on the so-called Israeli ‘security fence’ in the Sawahreh Ash-Sharqiya neighborhood, south of Occupied Jerusalem, for ten days. Prior to the decision, the Israeli army handed confiscation orders to house-owners, confiscating ninety dunums of land for the purpose of building part of the ‘fence’ [apartheid wall] in the area.

JCSER lawyer Ziad Qa’war, who represents the home-owners, said the decision to freeze work in the area was issued by the Conciliation Court in Tel Aviv in the wake of a petition submitted by the Center. In accordance with the decision, the Court gave the Israeli army ten days to reply to the petition concerning the confiscation of the land, in light of grave concerns that the confiscations will have a devastating impact on residents’ lives. The land in question constitutes a vital resource for its owners and inhabitants.

A final decision will be issued by the Court after the Israeli army gives its reply to the petition.