Call for Work: PERIF�RICO - Sounds from Beyond the Bubble

Victor Gama, curator of this project, performing. (Neo Nisema)

Sounds from beyond the bubble

Curated by Victor Gama for Sonic Arts Network

Sonic Arts Network invites submissions for its critically acclaimed CD series. Curated by Angolan/Portuguese composer Victor Gama, “PERIF�RICO - sounds from beyond the bubble”, will be a selection of works by experimental composers that work outside of western culture.

Musicians/composers/artists that work within cultures and traditions outside of the western world are invited to submit one or two samples of their work for a CD publication to be released by Sonic Arts Network, UK, in Spring 2007.

We are particularly looking for experimental and innovative musicians/composers that create work that reconstructs the knowledge and value systems of the culture they come from whilst resisting influence from the west. This may mean that they do not use electronics or western technologies at all, but their own. However, works that use electronics will also be considered.

Sonic Arts Network is a national organisation that enables both audiences and practitioners to engage with the art of sound in diverse, accessible and innovative ways. Sonic Arts Network fosters a culture of creative risk taking and experimental approaches to sound through a cutting edge programme of festivals, events, commissions and education projects. The organisation believes in the unique capacity of listening to enrich people’s lives by unlocking creativity, promoting social and environmental awareness and engaging a diverse range of communities.

Through the critically acclaimed CD series, Sonic Arts Network presents new ideas and sounds that lie on the edges of traditional practice. The guest-curated publications offer a new perspective towards sound, often delving into unique and largely unexplored philosophies and themes.

Victor Gama was born in Angola of Portuguese descent and his work as a composer further elaborates on the potential to transform beyond the structures of tradition. Gama composes using a method he calls the Golian Modes where the construction of the instrument is introduced into the writing process. His theory draws on traditional instruments, technology and knowledge systems, particularly from Angola. The construction of the Pangeia Instrumentos is the three dimensional component of the composition process, with the finished instrument becoming, not only a work of art and functional item, but also part of a larger project that revolves around the development of a specific musical language. Having collaborated with renowned artists such as Nana Vasconcelos, Guillermo E. Brown and William Parker, Gama presents his performances with the Pangeia Instrumentos solo or ensemble in the form of visual musical events. The sound palette he creates on his instruments is hypnotic and otherworldly; ranging from percussive loops to string arpeggios built from the barest of components that square the circle between Gamelan music, the work of composers such as Eric Satie, and the music of the twentieth century minimalists Steve Reich, Michael Nyman and Arvo Part.

Works should be sent on CD and accompanied with contact details (including email), biography, a selection of images and texts to:

“Perif�rico Call for Work”
Sonic Arts Network
Jerwood Space
171 Union Street
United Kingdom


Please note: Deadline for Submissions December 1st 2006. No payment can be offered for work submitted or published. Materials cannot be returned.

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