Business: Stephen Roeder, San Diego State University

Roeder, a professor of chemistry and physics, has been at SDSU since 1968. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Dartmouth College and his doctorate at the University of Wisconsin. He is past chairman of SDSU’s chemistry and physics departments, and was the interim dean of the College of Sciences before becoming director of the master of arts in liberal arts and sciences program ( The program is tailored to adult learners who wish to pursue graduate study on a part-time basis.

Favorite Web sites

The Electronic Intifada
“Palestinian viewpoints are not adequately presented in popular news media in the U.S. This is a source presenting the Palestinian viewpoints.”

Urban Legends and Folklore
“There are lots of frauds and hoaxes and urban legends circulating on e-mail. Use this site to check them out before you, too, pass one on.”

Official U.S. Time Clock
This site, convenient for setting clocks, is provided by the two timekeeping agencies of the United States: the National Institute of Standards and Technology and its military counterpart, the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Homework Service
“A remarkable physics homework assignment and grading service provided by the University of Texas at Austin, free to physics educators.”

Legislative Analyst’s Office—menu—whatsnew.asp
California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office provides expert and nonpartisan fiscal and policy advice to the Legislature. Get the same insight on the state’s budget and other matters here.