Audio: A reporter tries to buy new equipment in Gaza

EI contributor Rami Almeghari conducts an interview with a man whose home was destroyed by Israel in the southern Gaza Strip, February 2009. (Matthew Cassel)

Exporting and importing goods in most countries around the world is usually a smooth process, but not in Gaza. For two years now, there have been complete restrictions on people and goods alike from entering or leaving Gaza, due to the ongoing Israeli siege.

Among those essential items that Israel is denying entry into the coastal territory, are raw materials for building and reconstruction, medical supplies, food products, electronics and many other items. The siege has made life for all Palestinians in Gaza, including myself, extremely difficult in every way. It has affected my work as a Gaza-based radio reporter and writer for international publications based outside Gaza. I am always in need of upgrading my reporting tools to make sure I can do my work.

For the past three years I have been a correspondent for the US-based Free Speech Radio News (FSRN). Until recently, I had been using a minidisc recorder that was sent to me from a friend in the West Bank before the total closure of Gaza began in 2007.

In late 2008, I needed to replace my old recording equipment that had poor sound quality and purchase a new audio recorder. Unfortunately, with the ongoing Israeli siege, this simple task of obtaining a new recorder was nearly impossible.

The following audio diary tells the story of my efforts to receive a new audio recorder from the US so that I could continue documenting the many untold stories of the people of Gaza.

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