Audio: Panel discussion with Ali Abunimah and Norman Finkelstein in Chicago

From L-R: Norman Finkelstein, Martha Reese, Ali Abunimah. (Photo: Benjamin Doherty/EI)

EI co-founder Ali Abunimah and Norman Finkelstein, professor of Political Science at DePaul University in Chicago discuss and debate the latest developments in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. What is the significance of the election of Mahmoud Abbas and of Israel’s plan to “disengage” from Gaza? What are the latest developments on the ground in the occupied territories? Has the two-state solution failed and should we be seeking a single state as a way to fulfil the rights and aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians? The discussion, moderated by Martha Reese, was recorded at a forum held at Oak Park River Forest High School on 30 January 2005, an event organized by the Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine.

Sound credit: Benjamin Doherty/EI

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