Arafat’s face appears on grilled cheese sandwich

A local man in Louisville, Kentucky, was surprised, after making a grilled cheese sandwich and taking a bite out of it, to see the face of Yasser Arafat staring at him.

“I made the sandwich just before sitting down to watch Fox News on November 10th,” Ben Larper told BNN.

“After I took the first bite, the news about Arafat’s death came on. I stopped eating and put the sandwich down to watch the report. When I reached down for the sandwich, there it was, the same face as on the television!”

Larper declined to say whether or not he would be prepared to sell the miraculous snack. White House spokesman Scott McClellan stated, “Israel has the right to defend herself from terrorism.” Israeli foreign ministry officials recommended the US investigate the source of funds for the sandwich.

The miraculous sandwich with Arafat’s image on it.

Increasingly, faces have been reported appearing on grilled cheese sandwiches, with the most famous Virgin Mary cheese sandwich auction on eBay currently showing bids above $16,000.

Professor Rashid Jibni from the Department of Theology, Georgetown University, noted that many of those reporting the incidents were Midwestern men, in the 20-30 age range, who noted the apparitions were taking place at gatherings. “It seems to me that there’s something else going on here,” said Jibni. “Groups of men hanging out together, cooking cheese sandwiches, and seeing faces? There has to be an intersection here with the war on drugs.”

For Larper, the sandwich is a sign that Arafat lives on. “Arafat remains the symbol of the Palestinian cause. With many commentators on TV saying that the Palestinians are ‘toast’ following the Bush election and Arafat’s death, it makes sense to me that Arafat would try to communicate with the world through the medium of bread to give us hope.”