Al Mezan calls for immediate relase of kidnapped worker and family in Gaza

Kate Burton

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights expresses its great concern upon kidnapping of Kate Burton and her parents and calls upon the PNA to exert efforts to secure their release

One day has passed since Kate Burton was kidnapped and at the time the PNA [Palestinian National Authority] is still unable to identify the place of kidnappers.

Kate Burton is British of 24 years old; she has been working as International Coordinator at Al Mezan Center for Human Rights for the last three months. Ms. Burton has also taken part with the UNDP [United Nations Development Programme] in the Gaza Strip where she maintains excellent relationships with Palestinians. She actively supported the Palestinian cause, and worked hard on backing up Palestinians and exposing Israeli violations against Palestinian civilians. Ms. Burton has chosen to stay and work in the Gaza Strip in spite of the insecure and unsafe situation.

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights condemns the disrespect of the law substantiated in kidnapping international activists and social workers who face great sufferings while coming to the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) to provide assistance for Palestinians. Further, Al Mezan Center emphasizes that such incidents deform the image of Palestinians and misinterpret their cause to the world.

Therefore, Al Mezan Center expresses its concern upon kidnapping the human rights activist Kate Burton, and calls upon the PNA to exert its utmost effort to secure the release of Kate and her parents.

The Center calls on the political bodies and citizens to assist by providing any evidence that would lead to Kate, and appeals to whoever has information on the kidnapping to contact Al Mezan at +972 2820442 - 2820447 or call on the Fieldwork Unit Coordinator cell phone: +972 0599461681.

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