Aid is not enough to tackle humanitarian crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Above: A metaphor for the Palestinian economy: a Palestinian commercial truck struck on an Israeli dirt barricade while trying to enter Hebron. (William Seaman)

Christian Aid is giving evidence today to a Parliamentary inquiry into the humanitarian crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Middle East expert William Bell, an advocacy officer at Christian Aid, is due to face MPs on the International Development Committee who are investigating the effectiveness of UK government assistance to the Occupied Territories.

Mr Bell will be questioned on a 14-page Christian Aid submission which has already been handed to the committee.

“I have one main point I wish to emphasise,” said Mr Bell. “Palestinians are facing a humanitarian crisis but that humanitarian aid assistance, although important, is not the full answer to this problem.

“This is a political problem, a problem created by Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian Territories of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Therefore, a political solution is needed to tackle this ongoing humanitarian crisis.”

To download the full report (PDF) click here.