Aid agency calls for effective international intervention in Gaza

In a situation of ongoing violence and the sharply deteriorating humanitarian situation, civilians are now paying the highest price in growing numbers because of the escalating violence in Gaza, according to aid agency Oxfam International.

Since September 28, 82 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, including 24 children, according to the United Nations Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Hundreds of others have been wounded. Five Israelis, including two children, have also lost their lives in the past week.

Oxfam believes that civilians caught up in armed conflict have every right to be protected, as enshrined in the Geneva Conventions.

Oxfam’s Regional Manager for the Middle East, Adam Leach, says: “Protecting civilians should not be a by-product of a political process but intrinsic to it. Their protection could strengthen the political process, safeguard civil society and reverse the decline in the security situation.

“As both Palestinian and Israeli families mourn the loss of their loved ones, we urge the international community to be actively involved in protecting civilian life to reverse poverty, reduce violence and lay the foundations for peace.”

Oxfam International condemns the Qassam rocket attacks on Sderot which killed five Israelis and acknowledges the right of both Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace and security, free from the threat of violence.

Oxfam International also condemns the disproportionate military operation in Gaza and believes that Israel is obliged to ensure that any measures taken to protect the lives of Israeli civilians must be consistent with its obligations to respect human rights and International Humanitarian Law, specifically the Fourth Geneva Convention, Article 33 that prohibits forcible migration and destruction of private properties.

Oxfam says it is imperative that humanitarian agencies, refused entry to Gaza since Tuesday, 21September, be admitted in order for needs to be assessed.

The aid agency is urging the international community to find an external mechanism to protect civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and to halt the worsening humanitarian situation, improve security for Palestinians and Israelis and enhance prospects for peace and a renewed political process.

Oxfam works with partner organisations in Gaza including the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights and the Palestinian Hydrology Group. Oxfam is deeply concerned at the impact of the conflict on Israeli and Palestinian civilians, its programmes and those of our Israeli and Palestinian partner organisations and the effect of the conflict on the wider region.

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