6 Palestinians Extrajudicially Executed in Nablus

PCHR is gravely concerned at the deaths of a number of Palestinians in Nablus. According to preliminary investigations carried out by PCHR an IOF incursion began on Thursday the 24th of June. A military siege was imposed on the city. All access to the old city was cut off through the use of temporary roadblocks built with sand, concrete rubble and barbed wire.

Saturday the 26th, 1715: IOF pursued through the old city an armed Palestinian and opened fire on him. He was killed instantly and has been identified as:

1. Riad Sa’id Wawdi, 35 from Nablus.

One hour later IOF detonated explosives in order to demolish an external wall of a house in the old city. On completion of this they threw handheld explosive devices in the direction of a small room inside the house. The explosion killed six people who were in a tunnel under the room. They six were identified as being members of the Fatah movement, Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

Ambulances attempted to reach the scene but were prevented from gaining access for 1 hour and 45 minutes. The bodies were taken to Rafidia hospital in Nablus where they were named as:

1. Naif Fathy Abu Sharkh, 45, from Balata refugee camp.
2. Samir Tariq Akouba, 25, from Nablus.
3. Jaffar Mohammad al-Masri, 38, from Nablus.
4. Omar Mismar, 26, from Nablus.
5. Wajdi al-Qadumi, 25, from Nablus.
6. Fadi Bassam Ibrahim, 26, fromTulkarm.

In another incident on the 25th of June in Nablus, the IOF killed 2 people. One of them was a 16-year-old child. They were named as:

1. Ihab Maher Salim, 16, shot in head
2. Mohamad Hitham Faqha, 18 yro shot in chest, both from Nablus.

PCHR condemns these acts of extrajudicial execution by IOF. It calls on the international community to comply with its article 1 obligations under the Geneva Convention to ensure Israeli compliance with the Fourth Geneva Convention and international human rights standards and to end the officially sanctioned policy of extra-judicial executions.

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