“Wake me up, when September ends”

I have completely saturated my mind with everything I need to know about the Palestinian Authority’s UN bid next month. Way too many articles- news, academic, scientific, opinionated, analytical, interviews, and all sorts of media campaigns have been conquering major news agencies for months now. I’ve receieved tons of e-mails asking me about the reaction of people in Gaza to the bid, and whether I can analyze them in an article. Journalists, academics, friends, random people have shown keen interest in the matter. Countless online petitions and facebook poll questions. In a nutshell- a lot of legal, political, economic or diplomatic ‘expertise’ transferred to paper for us to analyze. So all we’re really supposed to do is read and analyze, and then decide that we’re FOR the bid (seriously, how COULD you oppose the declaration of a Palestinian modern-day STATE?!)

I can’t suppress my skepticism, and my frustration at how this ‘historic’ move was planned. But, I won’t try to sound like an expert and tell you what’s really happening, because frankly, none of us do. Unless of course I put together a bunch of arguments I read here and there and try to convince you. This bid, which is supposed to lead to the creation of a democratic Palestinian ‘state’, was based on anything but democracy. The decision to adopt ‘democracy’, inevitabely affecting the destiny of millions was taken by a few politicians, and it was announced over night. Call me a naive Arab, but as a 21 year old politically aware citizen, I, like you, deserve to have a say in the faith of the noble cause that I’ve dedicated my life for. 

There’s one particular question that I do not want to hear an answer for. Does the PA have a PB- Plan B?

In any case,

summer has come and passed
the innocent (my Arab naivete) can never last
wake me up when September ends

as my memory rests
but never forgets what I lost
wake me up when September ends

Dear world, Arab naivete bid several of us farewell earlier this year, and Palestine’s turn is soon.

You might think that ‘September’ will help our memories rest, but they never will. Our memories will never forget what they lost, and neither will we. 

In any case, wake me up when September ends. If it ever does. 

(lyrics: Green Day- Wake me up when September ends)

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Do not falter in your quest for Statehood, we will support you and encourage you to move forward on the pathway to self determination. Peace will come but not if divisiveness keeps you from grasping this opportunity. Times have changed..people are hearing your calls..and ignoring the lies they have been told before again and again. Palestine, now...and forever...go with God...we support your quest.

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