Israel kills four in attack on Jenin refugee camp

Palestinians mourn four men killed by Israeli troops who raided Jenin refugee camp in the northern occupied West Bank on 16 August. 

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An undercover Israeli Border Police unit killed four Palestinians in an attack on Jenin refugee camp in the northern occupied West Bank early Monday.

Saleh Ahmad Ammar, 19, and Raed Ziyad Abu Saif, 21, were confirmed killed by the Palestinian Authority health ministry.

Local media also reported the killings of Nour al-Din Abdullah Jarrar and Amjad Iyad Husseiniya, whose bodies Israel seized and is withholding.

Other Palestinians were also reportedly injured.

Israeli occupation forces claimed to have entered the Jenin refugee camp in order to carry out an arrest and were resisted with fire by Palestinians there.

“The undercover forces returned fire towards the terrorists and neutralized them,” occupation authorities said, according to Tel Aviv daily Haaretz – in language designed to portray the attacking Israeli soldiers as victims and the Palestinians defending their homes and community as “terrorists.”

Jenin’s governor, however, denied that version of events and said the men were killed “without a justification,” and asserted that there is video evidence that proves the shooting happened from a distance.

The Palestinian Authority’s foreign affairs ministry ​​said Israel’s “cold-blooded” killing of four Palestinians was “premeditated.”

Video circulated by local media purports to show Israeli soldiers setting up an ambush in a building in Jenin.

Palestinian resistance factions across the political spectrum condemned the killings.
The killings on Monday come nearly a week after Israeli army chief Aviv Kochavi requested that Israeli forces “reduce” shootings of Palestinians.

Monday’s events are the second time in two weeks that an Israeli attack in Jenin has been met with Palestinian armed resistance.

Recent resistance to Israeli invasions of the city and the camp frustrates Israel’s ability to detain Palestinians at will, according to an Israeli analyst.

On 10 June, three Palestinians were killed when Israeli forces raided Jenin in the early hours, including two Palestinian Authority military intelligence officers.

At least 55 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank so far this year. The Israeli military killed around 250 Palestinians in Gaza during the same period.




Ben-Gurion, writing in 1948 said defence was "the entire doctrine of Zionism." He added 20 years later "it is only an elite nation which can produce an elite army." How elite? In the same speech he explained it was "solely because of spiritual superiority". Here's the logic: we are superior to the rest of humanity because chosen by god; this spiritual superiority translates directly into military superiority; military superiority is the essence of our being; what makes us superior in secular terms is our ability to kill. This of course is "purity of arms" and the doctrine of "shoot and cry". What's the difference between this and Al Capone? It is the mentality of the mafia. It is the conjunction of an outrageous messianism with a despicable colonialism and what is results in is a mental derangement in which Palestinians cease to be people and become a fatal threat to every Jew, even, it seems the majority who don't live in Israel. Part of the distorted thinking and feeling is that Jewish and Israeli are coterminus: plainly absurd given that of 23 million Jews in the world fewer than 10 million are Israelis. Yet, only if Palestinians, simply by existing, threaten Jewry itself can the delusion be maintained. For the followers of Herzl, himself deranged enough to inspire Chaim Weizmann to declare: "It is the Zionist's good fortune that they are considered mad." Being crazed is essential to the project. To take the heat out of the madness and to look at things from a perspective based on normal human feeling would demolish the delusions. Hence, the retreat to the paranoid view that not only Palestinians but anyone who criticizes Israel puts all Jews at risk of extermination and therefore all violence is a last-chance defence and the consequent trigger-happy behaviour. It is this combination of messianic conviction of superiority and paranoid belief that the merest criticism is a threat to existence which results in outrages such as the recent killings. Madness.

Tamara Nassar

Tamara Nassar is an assistant editor at The Electronic Intifada.