AOC does not draw the line at genocide

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez advocates voting for US President Joe Biden despite his unconditional support for Israel in its genocide in Gaza.

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For some progressives, it appears there is nothing the leading Democratic presidential candidate can do that would disqualify him as the “lesser evil.”

This apparently includes perpetrating a genocide.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threw her full support behind Joe Biden as she advocated for voting for him during an appearance on the I’ve Had It podcast.

When asked if she has “had it” or would “hit it” with Biden, Ocasio-Cortez enthusiastically replied with “hit it!”

“There are plenty of things that the president does that I completely disagree with,” Ocasio-Cortez said, referring to “what’s happening in Gaza.”

She continued, “I can’t go on every single day seeing this. I don’t associate myself with what’s happening.”

But, “at the end of the day,” she brushes off her fleeting mention of the Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. “We just can’t allow this fascist movement to grow in this country,” she says, noting the growing momentum of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Ocasio-Cortez says that the decision to vote for Biden “is not a difficult one for me.”

She adds: “Just because I’m voting for him doesn’t mean that he embodies everything about me.”

The self-described progressive congresswoman implored people “to be adults about the situation,” and cast their vote for a president now known as “Genocide Joe” or “Butcher Biden,” as he was memorably termed by Irish member of the European Parliament, Clare Daly.

Any pretense that Ocasio-Cortez posed a challenge to the Democratic Party from within has by now completely crumbled. But the pretense that she was ever a true friend of the Palestinians has long given way to political reality.

After Israel bombarded the Gaza Strip for 11 consecutive days in May 2021, killing multiple generations of multiple Palestinian families, Ocasio-Cortez switched her vote on additional US funding to Israel’s Iron Dome missile system from “no” to “present” amid tears on the House floor.

Ocasio-Cortez followed her vote with a statement, saying she was “opposed to this bill, but ultimately cast a present vote,” casting the blame on “the reckless decision by House leadership to rush this controversial vote within a matter of hours.”

Despite her progressive posturing, Ocasio-Cortez and other progressives have consistently come up short in their support for Palestinians.

As journalist Glenn Greenwald said, despite her promises of a progressive platform that moves the Democratic Party forward, Ocasio-Cortez is now one of the party’s most indispensable assets.

“It’s just wild how AOC and her followers went in four short years from branding herself a major threat to the Democratic Party, to becoming – without hyperbole – the most valuable tool, activist and spokesperson for the Democratic Party.”

The Biden administration has given Israel carte blanche to carry out its genocide in Gaza with total impunity and near-constant delivery of weaponry.

The Biden administration has vetoed multiple UN resolutions calling for a ceasefire before later voting to increase aid into Gaza, obstructing an end to the killing.

With the majority of grassroots Democrats having consistently supported a ceasefire and half of Biden voters recognizing Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip as a genocide, there are indications that Biden’s re-election campaign will be threatened by his refusal to comply with what Americans have demanded.

Biden and his officials have been heckled by anti-genocide protesters at multiple events with people urging the administration to call for a ceasefire.

In more than one incident, Biden loyalists drowned out protesters by shouting “four more years!”

AOC’s insistence on backing Biden despite his administration’s ongoing support for Israel’s genocide in Gaza is the congresswoman’s equivalent of drowning out the voices of anti-war dissenters within the party with the same rote refrain of “four more years.”




I am a Puerto Rican (BORICUA DE PURA CEPA) that is living in Iowa for 32 Years. I am also PRO Independence for all of my adult life. I vote last time for BIDEN, NO THIS TIME (neither the other orange party). I will always for free PALESTINE down for the zionism, and genocide.


She has been bullied and harassed by anti Palestine supporters and she's now finally given up on her support for Palestinians


I haven't kept up with US politics and esp the political stances of AOC but last I checked the Quad was supposed to be cutting-edge in their political views, nationally or internationally. I cannot process this wishy-washy AOC stance on genocide!! Shameful if true. Thanks EI/TamaraN.


Why am I not surprised by AOC's unprincipled stand. Genuine adults accept responsibility for their govt enabling Israel's genocide in Gaza- 30,000 brutal deaths. They don't try to "adult-shame" ppl. Instead they stand on morality, on compassion w suffering. They create a ruckus.


AOC exemplifies the "Professional Politician" starting out as full of commitment to human rights causes,so called "democracy", serving the electorate,fighting against corruption etc and turning out like a female Joe Manchin swamped by external pressures and monetary enticements to completely flip on those now inconvienent beliefs. At least Joe didn't ever pretend he believed them. AOC is a wolf in sheeps clothing. A smug one at yet. Adults indeed.


The system of U.S. Government is so corrupted that anyone with good intentions is quickly co-opted into it. And it seems there will have to be a total collapse of the U.S. before it can be changed.


Voting for Biden is now being complicit in committing genocide. Under no circumstance will I vote for him. This is not a political issue. It is now a moral one.


No morals its always about the money....


I'm old enough to remember the initial appearance in American politics of the chant "Four more years!" The call originated with Richard Nixon's re-election campaign in 1972. Hearing Democratic loyalists bay a slogan coined in support of one of the country's most eminent war criminals offered a potent reminder of where the party stands today.


AOC has progressed to the level of talking out of both sides of her mouth. Like any good narcissistic duopoly politician, she dimwittedly condescends to anybody advocating for peace and for an end to the madness of the white-supremacist, capitalist, neocolonial regime. If she's the adult in the room, I'm emptying my cubby and getting my inner child the hell out of there.


If there are any EI adherents who understand the constraints lawmakers -especially in the US - are under on issues related to the global economic order, they're not commenting. The problem is many are not skilled and educated enough to exploit rare opportunities not that they don't tilt at windmills. The only place that can be done safely is in the GOP House. Everyone else has to deal with reality.


So the way to stop fascists at home, is to support fascists committing a genocide abroad. Greenlighting fascism now is energising the very people you say you want to stop, its telling them its OK.

Don't ever again claim the mantle of a progressive politician on the side of the people AOC. If you cannot choose the right side here and now, on the side of the oppressed Palestinian people suffering a genocide, you belong in the dustbin of history, alongside what the injured Palestinian man said outside Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis the other day: "Biden the despicable".


You notice how on "the other side" in politics, ONE MAN can bring the show to a stop?
Tommy Tuberville, tried to (get this!) make the US killing war machine (Military) "pro-life".
Matt Gaetz had the speaker of the House thrown out of his job
They impeached Homeland Security head.

Do you see any strength from the squad? from progressive caucus?
It's all for show.

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