Young People in Gaza Discuss UN Statehood Bid

A group of six young people in Gaza decided to voice out their views over Abbas’s pursuit of a Palestinian state in the UN. Two of the six, volunteered to videotape the discussion and the four managed to overcome their tension that encapsulated them in front of a huge camera.

Abbas, the outdated Palestinian president, made nothing new in today’s speech.  He declared his intention to sit around the table with Netenyahu if he was guaranteed full membership in the UN. He thinks that negotiations without solid parameters will remain as useless as they have always been.  He also stated that he does not want to isolate Israel. Something most Palestinians, actually, want to do. South Africa couldn’t have won over the Apartheid regime had it not isolated the White government and compelled the world to exert pressure and economic sanctions upon it.

Netenyahu, again, played the assigned role of the victim whose good faith in Palestinians has always let him down. He claimed that the settlements are not obstacles of peace; rather he saw them as the “result of the conflict.”  

The “Jewish state” did not escape his speech although he accused us, the Palestinian people, of having the desire to ethnically cleanse the Israelis and enforce racist measures against them.

For the meantime, let us listen to the young people of Gaza, and find out what they think.

Video by Mohammed Al Majdalawi. Video editing by JeJe Alfarra.




That was nice.
You think that people and governments who support the bid do not understand what would happen. So, you need to explain that using their languages, at least, in Arabic. Am I right? Do not isolate yourselves.