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I doubt many recall "Quisling" in Norway. That is so very far from
where you are. Only in so many ways it is the same. Quisling was head of a political party and then resigned to advise Herr Hitler on
conquering and occupying his own country, Norway (early WW II).
He formed a fascist party, The National Samlings Party (National
Union Party) which became the ONLY legal party permitted in
Norway. Thus, he was made Premier of Norway and, of course,
the only "spokesperson" for Norwegians. Isn't that similar to Abbas
in Palestine today who is the US-Israeli "quisling"? All other parties
and viewpoints are impermissable,illegal Of course it is a "sham" . ---Peter Loeb, Boston


By taking Palestine into the UN and being voted into a State in the UN over the objections of the Israel and the United States does not seem to be a Quisling. Abbas has also told Netanyahu there must be a halt to building in the West Bank or no real negotiations can begin.

Quisling wanted fame and fortune and, in the end, only found death.


actually a few months ago i was talking to some friends from Norway .. they told me about this.. i don’t know if its the same .. the PA didn’t declair its self a zionist government just yet.. :) they will .. very soon.. 

Nidal El-Khairy