Call for entries: project aims to connect artists despite Israeli restrictions

The “Traveling Artist Open Call” is an invitation for Palestinian artists of all disciplines as well as thinkers and writers to present their work in Amman later this year:

‘The river has two banks’ launches the ‘Traveling Artist Open Call’

An invitation for Palestinian artists of all disciplines as well as thinkers and writers to present their work in Amman:

Open call inviting Palestinian artists/writers/thinkers traveling via Jordan to stay for an additional night/day to present their work in Amman in an artist talk at Makan art space.

The politics of segregation has greatly hindered travel across the east and west banks of the River Jordan. For those in Jordan, travel into Palestine remains a dream that is determined/prevented by an Israeli visa. For Palestinians living in the West Bank, Jordan is the only exit point. This border, which is referred to as “the Bridge” is vested with political and social connotations from the last 40 years, serving both as a connection in the present and a disconnection from the past.

‘The Travelling Artist Open Call’ takes advantage of existing traffic and proposes a new way to rethink mobility restrictions; rather than seeing it as an obstacle, perceiving it as an opportunity to address new audiences, make new friends, and cement existing friendships in Jordan.

The open call launches the first of many activities organized by The river has two banks, an ongoing curatorial initiative addressing the growing distance between cultural practitioners living on both sides of the river by instigating connections and rethinking shared social and political histories.

The river has two banks is a curatorial collaboration between Shuruq Harb, Samah Hijawi and Toleen Touq, and is produced & supported by the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre and the Young Arab Theater Fund and Makan Art Space.


‘The Traveling Artist Open Call’ is open to artists from all disciplines as well as thinkers and writers, who live in Palestine, and whose travel dates fall between September and November 2012.

Selection: Three to four artists will be invited to present their work at Makan Art Space in Amman. Selection will be based on artist’s proposed travel dates and Makan Art Space’s availability.

Priority will be given to artists/thinkers/writers who have not presented their work in Amman.

Accommodation: Housing will be provided for the selected artists for their additional one night stay, as well as transportation from the bridge and to the airport the next day. Artists are therefore invited to arrive in Amman one day prior to their scheduled travel dates abroad.

Application: Those interested should send the following information to in an email entitled ‘Traveling artists open call’ by 30 August 2012.

- Name - Email address - Telephone number - Address - Short biography - Link to website or previous works (3 samples only) - Short description (2 paragraphs) for proposed artist talk theme. The curators are open to various forms of artist talks.


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