AHAVA promotional campaign on Twitter jammed with BDS messaging

The Stolen Beauty campaign focusing on a boycott of Ahava cosmetics, which are illegally manufactured in the occupied West Bank using Palestinian natural resources, has launched a culture jamming initiative currently underway on Twitter:

This Wednesday, May 11 and Thursday, May 12, Birchbox.com is sponsoring an Ahava Twitter contest. They are calling on people to Tweet skincare question with the hashtag #AHAVAreborn. People who Tweet using that hashtag – part of Ahava’s REBRANDING campaign –will be entered into the contest and given a chance to win $300 worth of Mineral Magical Skincare. (See details below by clicking on the link.)

AHAVA Twitter Contest! Win $300 Worth of Mineral Magical Skincare


We are asking Ahava boycott supporters to use the hashtags #AHAVAreborn & #stolenbeauty on Wednesday & Thursday to help get out the word about Ahava’s illegal practices and its occupation profiteering. PLEASE TWEET OFTEN. PLEASE SHARE THIS ACTION ALERT WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

So many people have responded to this call, that I can’t see any tweets that AREN’T about BDS and Israel’s rights abuses when searching #AHAVAreborn on Twitter. AHAVA is having an increasingly hard time covering up its human rights blemishes. It is has been dropped from retail stores in Canada and the UK and taken to court in France. As The Electronic Intifada reported last June, “Bad publicity caused Sex & the City star Kristin Davis to be dropped as a spokesperson for Ahava and as a goodwill ambassador for the international organization Oxfam after activists called on her to end her paid promotional appearances for Ahava. “   




Thanks for covering today's culture jam. It's amazing to see so many people Tweeting the truth about Ahava's illegal practices and unconscionable occupation profiteering in the face of the company's marketing propaganda.


I couldn´t twitter but left a comment on their site about Ahava´s lies and distorted claims, and it´s illegal extraction of minerals from the Dead Sea and illegal processing + manufacturing in a colony in the OPT


Get them It off the marketits one of many starting points with BDS


This should be done for all hashtags that involve BDS targets!

Maureen Clare Murphy

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Maureen Clare Murphy is senior editor of The Electronic Intifada.