Palestinian song “Blue Chair” mocks PA’s UN statehood bid

A group of Palestinian youth activists who were sick of the western media protraying the Palestinians as a collective entity regarding the Palestinian Authority’s UN bid have produced a satirical video and song titled “Blue Chair”. In its simple sing-song lyrics, the video highlights sarcastically the fact that supporters of statehood have become obsessed with “magical” chairs rather than basic human rights. The lyrics, translated from Arabic, are below.

In one of the many Palestinian Authority (PA) campaigns to draw up support for UN membership, a mock Palestine UN chair was sent to travel around the world before reaching its final destination, naturally the United Nations building in New York. In the increasingly contested discourse about the PA’s bid for recognition of statehood, the symbolism the chair held won over many people as it carried with it the romanticized connotations of the world finally recognizing a Palestinian state.

Unfortunately, the same supporters fail to realize that this is basically just a PR stunt designed by the PA (who have forgotten the little scandal called the Palestine Papers and have vowed to resume negotiations with Israel) as the US will make good on its promise and veto such a request. Additionally, “statehood” is but a nonsensical diversion, drawing the attention of many to belittle the Palestinian cause — either knowingly or not — to a mere question: “Should Palestine be granted the right to statehood or not?”

A state on the 1967 borders is fruitless in that it cancels out the refugees’ right of return and impossible in that the land in the West Bank is not contiguous by virtue of the hundreds of illegal Israeli settlements and outposts. Furthermore, there are no specific “Arab only” roads or means that connect the West Bank to Gaza, which remains under siege. What is most sickening is the fact that the campaign carries the slogan “Palestine 194” signifying Palestine as the 194th member of the United Nations, while simultaneously abusing the number that holds so much significance for refugees as it is UN resolution 194 passed in 1948 that guarantees the Right of Return.

Compounded by the fact that the PA carries no legitimacy over the majority of the Palestinian people, in the diaspora and from within, the bid for statehood is nonrepresentative and fails to address the occupation directly, the crux of the whole conflict.

Translated lyrics:

The blue chair

This is the story of a magical blue chair… A blue chair that will
travel, soar and fly!
It comes in dark blue…and in white, Palestine, is drawn (2X)

This chair…is not just any chair (2X)
This chair is an extraordinary and magical kind!

This blue chair…can rise high
This blue chair…can achieve
It can a bring us a state
This chair is one magical blue chair!

This is the story of a magical blue chair…a blue chair that will
travel, soar and fly
It comes in dark blue…and in white, Palestine, is drawn
This Chair…is not just any Chair (2X)
This chair is an extraordinary and magical kind!

This blue chair… a chair for our refugees
This blue chair…will give us our “Right of Return”
This chair…will give us back Jerusalem and Palestine

This is the story of a magical blue chair…a blue chair that will
travel, soar and fly
It comes in dark blue…and in white, Palestine, is drawn
This Chair…is not just any Chair (2X)
This chair…is of an extraordinary kind

We’ve got our blue chair…with its own number too
An enemy to the settlements it serves

We are the Palestinians…with our magically dangerous blue chair
We are people…not like any other people
We are people… who have fallen in love with chairs!




What is the most effective actions US citizens can take to make life better for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza?


BRILLIANT! Thank you for expressing the grievances of what i'm sure is the vast majority of Palestinians. This statehood stunt is nothing but a desperate attempt by an illegitimate leadership to appear legitimate. Most Palestinians reject them and will continue to do so and to demand proper elections and representation in the Palestinian National Council.


I don't understand how "a state on the 1967 borders" would necessarily cancel refugees' right of return. Do you really want to play into the paranoid political Zionist delusion that the Arabs want to 'drive the Jews into the sea'? Or more importantly, do you want to validate that delusion?

A peace formula is quite possible based on the 1967 borders, with mutually-agreed land swaps. It might even be possible without the land swaps, but right now Israel won't go for that. The issue of Palestinian refugees from other places in Palestine now inside the 1967 borders in areas claimed by Israel can be separated from the premise of recognizing those borders in order to pursue peace.

A Truth & Reconciliation Commission, not planned now but quite possible for the near future, could come up with a plan to adjudicate claims for land and properties inside Israel where Palestinians can demonstrate prior ownership. This could result in reparations formulas; essentially Restorative Justice for all parties involved.

Note that in Restorative Justice outcomes, the results must be perceived by all parties as equitable; moreover, all parties must agree upon, and participate in, the determination of those results.

I personally believe it is possible to raise large amounts of funds for the prospect of peace in this conflict area of the world. In order to do that, peacemaking itself -- and Restorative Justice processes in particular -- must enjoy the confidence of the parties.

I do agree that in theory, 'statehood' is a red herring, however. If Palestine enjoys the recognition of the rest of the world as a *country* or a *homeland*, that would be enough. It would mean that Palestinians could treat with other countries, for example. But recognition by the UN of some form could help facilitate that. I would be in favor of whatever approach gives Palestinians the right of self-determination as a people. This is the basic need for this people in a political sense.


Cheap shot. There is no threat to the Palestinian refugees' inalienable, universal INDIVIDUAL Right of Return. Also, read the wise words of Rabbi/Professor Henry Siegman:


The right of return is an empty slogan. If one believes in a two state solution, what is the point of having Israel and Palestine side by side with all the Palestinian refugees going back to Israel? Moreover, what does that say about the Palestinian trust and belief about the prospects of their own state? The refugees will have the right of return to their land and their state in Palestine with financial compensation.

If you do not believe in a two state solution, then you prefer fantasy and absolute justice over the real chance to actual improve things on the ground. rather than making a step forward in the right direction you prefer to sit and dream about a future that in the end will be neither just and cause more suffering. but at least you will be proud, idealist and uncompromising.


Human rights cannot be ignored even by elected governments of recognized countries. Since UN had guaranteed the right of return for Palestinians, it is the duty of all nations to support Palestinians who want to return to their homelands.

The song expresses the feelings of Palestinians who are fed up with this strategy of PA that does not represent them any more. They do not expect much out of this. The only good thing is that it will show, to more people, how much USA supports the occupying country and how clearly veto is undemocratic.

When I read the lyrics earlier, I did not think it could be a song. In a short period, it turns out to be a nice one. I hope next time you can spend more time to improve your work.


Whether Palestine is recognized by the UN or not, the vicious programme of genocide being carried out by Israel will sadly continue. It will only stop when AmeriKKKan support for the racist Zionist state ends, and Israel has to stand on its own two feet and face the people it has bombed and dropped DU on.


Aware that Palestinians would not receive recognition for their "independent" state It is going to be a lie. It will be prevented by pressure and bribery.

The American president and ME kings would as usual urge "moderation" and "restraint" -- which is what the US and, of course, Israel, want to fully colonise.
There would be no Arab army -- neither Palestinian nor any other kind -- in the West Bank and Gaza. The Israeli air force would have the right to fly over the skies of "independent" Palestine.

There would be Israeli early warning stations on Palestinian territory. On the ground, the Israelis would continue to hold not less than 5 per cent of the land, including the settlements which cut the West Bank off from Jerusalem and which also cut the West Bank in two.
So much for sovereignty. But a state? No way.
Forgotten would be any future negotiations over Jerusalem and the "right of return" of 3 million
refugees. Abandoned would be any hope of European support for a state.
Cynical, perhaps. But not without reason. With the Americans already calling for a "peace" conference to postpone the "state" which he has already declared twice before. It may also have been part of the window-dressing for another Palestinian "concession".


Assala Mualaikum wb.,

Could you please provide the Arabic lyrics to this song. I am learning Arabic and would love to sing this song correctly.

Thank you.

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