My BBC radio and TV talks today

If you have some extra time and would like to hear me talking about the statehood bid and Abbas’s speech, check out the two following links:

Click the link below for a Podcast of the BBC radio show “World Have Your Say”

In this podcast which was live earlier today, I talked about my opinion on the statehood bid, I also got to comprehensively reply to a Palestinian who believes that going to the UN will grant him rights which will put a stop to Israeli criminal activity (segment with Jalal begins about 6 minutes in).

Later in the day, at the time of Mahmoud Abbas speech, I was hosted live again on BBC’s show “World Have Your Say”, but this time, on television.

I was somewhat nervous at the begining (first time), but I managed to go through the whole thing smoothly!

Start at minute 15:30, after Mahmoud Abbas’s speech

Notice, tune in at 21:15 for “Khamas Khamas and Khamaaaaas” kind of talk.





Well said Jalal

Journalists and commentators have a lot to learn from you.
Your comments were concise, intelligent and spot on the mark.

Jalal Abukhater

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Jalal Abukhater is a Jerusalemite, he is a graduate MA(hons) International Relations and Politics from the University of Dundee, Scotland.