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Hello, I thought it would be better to start off with an introductory post on this blog to let the readers know a little bit more about me. But of course first I have to mention that I am greatly honored to be given the opportunity to obtain a blog on the admirable and respected Electronic Intifada, Thank you.  

I started my personal internet blog back in May, I wrote a few blog entries expressing various essential issues and got over 4000 views on my blog in the first month alone plus a lot of positive feedback. This encouraged me to write more to describe my daily observations of what life is like living under occupation and suffering apartheid.

Out of a lot of emails I received, many were people encouraging me to write more because the views of a 16 year old Palestinian who lives in Jerusalem had higher impact on a lot of the readers and were considered credible as they were not subject to political bias/deception in any kind. It is the situation as I see it plain and simple on the ground.  They said that I presented something new; the blogging was essential because the truth has to come out.

A while back, I had an article of mine published on the Israeli magazine, +972. As of a few weeks ago, it was 3 articles on that website. I felt that was an accomplishment; a milestone in my young life. Everyone talks about the power of the pen, I believe in the power of the pen and so it will be the method I use to fight for humanity and equal rights in Palestine.

I might be young, but I am sure what I’ve experienced until today hasn’t been experienced by the majority of the world’s children. I was six the first time I saw a huge tank aiming its gun right at me through windows of a house. The first time I saw helicopters and tanks shelling targets and causing huge explosions wasn’t on TV, it was on the streets in the West Bank back when I was still 8 year old. My hobby wasn’t playing with marbles; it was collecting live bullet empty cases and trading those with my friends aiming to get a unique collection. This environment got me to grow up with an interest in humanitarian and world issues alike, I believe there is still hope for humanity, and that is the reason I live.

I live by my principle, I don’t follow nor I lead, but I advocate for the right thing and the right idea. I hope this blog space gives me the opportunity to reach a larger audience of varied backgrounds and ideologies. I welcome criticism because it is the only way one could improve.





Welcome Jalal! I love your first post and I’m looking forward to reading many more :-)


Yours is an expression of reality that I personally need as a Palestinian in the diaspora! Looking forward to your blog posts :)

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So glad you’re a part of the blogging team on EI! I’m looking forward to reading your important posts! 


I really enjoyed reading, it is this kind of writing that contributes in bringing justice to us Palestinians. Looking forward to reading more.


I welcome you into my conscious awareness. The plight of your people has long been a torment to me. In my country, the news is always slanted to the Israeli position, so that it is most difficult for my people to have a real sense of your world. It is with delight that I welcome you. Please retain that wonderful innocence you portray. Please accept my most heartfelt sadness for the horror that my government has inflected on you and those that you love.


I think it's the same story everywhere OregonPatrick... Mainstream news is biased in favour of manipulated content. I think the majority around the world are, like me, saddened and disgusted at the ongoing violence - particularly the deliberate, wide scale non-stop human rights abuses of the instigator & aggressor. There is too much corrupt power supporting Israel, fuelled by greed and racism, but for everyone's sake, it must stop.

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Jalal, keep shining and continue educating the world about how to be a child living in Palestine and teach them humanity! I’m proud of you, dear. Allow me to consider you as a dear friend to me from now on ;) Best wishes!


jalal, please take some inspiration in that there are many here in the States that are behind your cause and are working here to change the attitudes of the Congress and the public about this crime being committed against your people.

Jalal Abukhater

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Jalal Abukhater is a Jerusalemite, he is a graduate MA(hons) International Relations and Politics from the University of Dundee, Scotland.