Watch: Why is Sinn Féin siding with Palestinian collaborators?

The James Connolly Visitor Centre in Belfast honors an inspiring man.

Connolly was a socialist and internationalist, executed by Britain after he played a leading role in the 1916 Easter Rising – a rebellion demanding Irish freedom.

The center’s website emphasizes that Connolly “understood the yearning for true emancipation.”

“Freedom without real equality, freedom without social justice, is a hollow freedom,” the website states.

Séanna Walsh, manager of the center, needs to reflect on that message.

He reacted in a hostile manner toward Farrah Koutteineh, an Irish Palestinian activist, when she stood up at a recent public meeting hosted by Sinn Féin, the party Walsh represents.

Koutteineh objected to how Sinn Féin had invited an envoy of the Palestinian Authority to an event focused on the Gaza genocide.

The PA was formed to introduce an extremely hollow and circumscribed form of freedom. Under that “freedom,” Palestinians have been given nominal responsibility for security in several West Bank towns and cities.

In reality, the PA is completely subservient to Israel’s occupation. It collaborates constantly with the oppressor.

Farrah Koutteineh and I appeared on the The Electronic Intifada livestream a few days ago.

We expressed dismay at Sinn Féin’s decision to attend a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in Washington hosted by Joe Biden, the chief enabler of the Gaza genocide.

Michelle O’Neill, Sinn Féin’s deputy leader and the new first minister in the north of Ireland, last weekend tried to put a positive spin on her acceptance of Biden’s invitation. When interviewed on “The Late Late Show” – an Irish TV program – O’Neill claimed that she would be stressing the need for peace in Palestine when she meets Biden next month.

O’Neill’s refusal to boycott the White House is repugnant. Pressing the flesh with Biden at this time is tantamount to stabbing Palestinians in the back.


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