U2 manager supports Israeli war crimes

U2, a rock band known to display double standards, performs in Las Vegas earlier this year. 

Steve Marcus Newscom

The manager of U2, a rock band well known for human rights campaigning, has taken part in fundraising activities for an organization that supports Israel’s war crimes.

Guy Oseary, who also manages Madonna, attended a 2014 fundraising gala in Los Angeles, California, for Friends of the IDF.

The event – which reportedly brought in $33 million to the organization’s coffers – was held just a few months after Israel’s 51-day bombardment of Gaza that year.

Although photographs of Oseary attending the event were posted on the Internet, his participation has not drawn any criticism before now.

A photo published by Jewish Business News shows Guy Oseary, U2’s manager (left), at a 2014 fundraiser for Friends of the IDF.

His participation can only be interpreted as an endorsement of the Israeli military and its activities. Friends of the IDF helps recruit for the Israeli military. It does so by sponsoring “lone soldiers” – Israeli troops with family living abroad – for the entire duration of their service.

The gala that Oseary attended featured a tribute to soldiers who had attacked Gaza earlier in 2014. Friends of the IDF assisted that offensive by supplying mobile showers, snacks, underwear and cell phone chargers to troops invading Gaza.

By giving that aid, Friends of the IDF can pose as a charity that is providing comfort to Israeli soldiers. The group has stretched the concept of “humanitarian” activities to its limit. Genuine humanitarians would be more concerned with helping the victims of Israeli aggression than meeting the personal hygiene requirements of the aggressors.

Friends of the IDF can count on support from the most powerful political and business figures in the US. Donald Trump, the president-elect, has pledged money to the group in the past – although it has been reported that someone else actually made the $250,000 donation that he promised.

Oseary did not respond to multiple requests asking how much he has donated to Friends of the IDF. The organization itself also did not reply to a request for comment.

Organizing galas is one of Friends of the IDF’s preferred methods of fundraising. Tickets for one such gala – scheduled to take place in Boston next month – are priced at $3,600 for a table of 12.

The gala which Oseary attended was hosted by Haim Saban, an entrepreneur who helped finance Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign for last week’s presidential election.

Oseary’s support for Friends of the IDF is at odds with U2’s professed concern for human rights.


Since the 1980s, U2 has been vocal in its support for human rights group Amnesty International. Amnesty has accused Israeli troops of displaying “callous indifference to the carnage” they caused while attacking Gaza in 2014. According to the group, Israel’s violence against civilian homes “brazenly flouted the laws of war.”

Amnesty International issued a brief statement when asked if the organization was concerned about Oseary’s support for Friends of the IDF.

“We are not in a position to comment on a private donation made by an individual who is not a staff member or official representative of Amnesty International and would urge you to contact U2 or their representatives directly,” the group stated. “U2 are prominent supporters of Amnesty International’s work and have regularly sought to raise awareness of human rights issues.”

The band and its then manager Paul McGuinness were given Amnesty’s annual “ambassador of conscience” award in 2005.

Oseary replaced McGuinness as U2’s manager in 2013. Born in Jerusalem – though based in the US for most of his life – Oseary combines his music industry activities with investments in Israel’s technology industry.

Band of hypocrites

Sound Ventures, a firm which Oseary established with the actor Ashton Kutcher, is part owner of Meerkat, an Israeli app maker. U2 heavily promoted Meerkat’s livestreaming service during its world tour last year, using the app to broadcast clips from the band’s concerts.

While that streaming service is no longer available, the company behind Meerkat is still active and has recently launched a new video chat application called Houseparty.

Meerkat exemplifies the cozy relationship between the military and the Israeli technology industry. As part of efforts to build up Israel as a leading manufacturer of weapons and surveillance equipment, the Israeli military has devoted considerable resources to developing the computer skills of its soldiers. One of Meerkat’s founders, Roi Tirosh, is a former instructor in the Israeli military.

Oseary’s Sound Ventures has also provided funding to Moovit, the Israeli firm that boasts of inventing the world’s most popular public transport app. Moovit’s CEO, Nir Erez, is a graduate of the computer science academy run by the Israeli military.

U2 – and, especially its lead singer Bono – have long displayed double standards.

Bono has defended and personally benefited from tax exemptions for the super rich, while masquerading as a campaigner against poverty. And despite writing “Bullet the Blue Sky” – a protest song against militarism and the arms industry – Bono has lavished praise on Shimon Peres, the recently deceased Israeli politician who helped introduce nuclear weapons to the Middle East and who ordered massacres in Lebanon.

Bono and U2 are not credible advocates of human rights. Amnesty should have realized that ages ago.

The clear proof that the band’s manager has supported Israel’s war crimes means that Amnesty no longer has any excuses. It is past time for Amnesty to publicly disown U2, a band of hypocrites.




Simple solution comes to mind.
extend #BDS to U2 and all their industries and mouthpieces, including Amnesty Intl.


U2 uses the idea of being politically "liberal" "anti-war" as a business ploy. It has nothing to do with any substantial care about injustice in the world or real engagement in the issues. The image is about increasing profit. They are a business. Any projection of concern regarding human rights is a marketing ploy.


It comes as no surprise that U2 are managed by someone who backs war crimes. The band has always been associated with the emptiest form of gestural politics while amassing a fortune through capitalist enterprises in low tax domains. They are known for their ruthless control of image and property rights. This extends to suing a former employee over a hat in her possession which once featured in the band's stage show. She was financially ruined when the court sided with U2 Ltd.

In a wider context, "Front Man" by Harry Browne is a book-length exploration of Bono's role as spokesman for global neoliberalism and the charity industry. It's published by Verso and well worth reading.


I speak as a U2 fan for close to 30 years. Did the band ever commit to boycotting Israel? I remember signing a petition some time ago, but never heard anything back. I also nearly walked out of one of their concerts when they began promoting the "Green Revolution" in Iran. They used to be a wonderful, idealistic, musically adventurous band, but that was when they were young. I am no longer such a passionate fan, and this is one reason why.

So what can we do? Get a petition going to the band? Boycott them (that would make me really sad, since I truly love their early and mid-career music, right through "Pop" and bits of "Elevation" - even large parts of "No Line on the Horizon"). Is there any way those of us who are fans can get them to take a moral stance, boycott Israel, and ditch this guy?


First off, thank you for writing this thoughtful article. U2's current manager does not reflect the opinions of U2. U2 itself is a group- all four guys have different views. And to state that supporting an IDF soldier is a crime- then I guess as an American, I should feel the same guilt as supporting our troops. The correlation here between U2 and Guy is flawed. I do agree on the taxes, though! Bono could have said no- however- Bono does not own U2.


Sad to see Bono who usually supports human rights for all.His actions fly in the face of the view of most Irish people.

Take your manager to task Bono and redeem yourself.


Amazing display of double standards.I thought Bono was intelligent and had an awareness of world HR issues.


Yes if I was supporting the American troops I would be ashamed, slaughtering innocent people and children and then then writing off as casualties of war, America like England are Countries of Imperialistic Savage war mongering ways... If you U2 are supporting these war crimes and military and government, as an Irish man and a supporter, ex supporter of the band, Shame on you guys. William Roche, Dublin..