Watch: Short film “Yala to the Moon (Yala al Amar)” by Suhel Nafar and Jackie Salloum

Yala to the Moon (Yala al Amar) is a new film by Suhel Nafar (of DAM) and Jacqueline Reem Salloum. It was selected for exhibition in the TIFF Kids International Film Festival (Toronto), London Palestine Film Festival and Boston Palestine Film Festival.

Peddling CDs on the streets of the West Bank, Aseel uses her imagination to magically remake the world around her.

Directed by
Suhel Nafar & Jacqueline Reem Salloum
Asil Kadura, Nizar Ablasee, Karim Nafar, Tamer Nafar, Hiba Natour, Ibrahim Sakallah, Nada Nafar
Sari Bisharat, Ayed Fadel, Suhel Nafar
Written by
Suhel Nafar, Jacqueline Reem Salloum, Tamer Nafar
Edited by
Jacqueline Reem Salloum and George Cox
Graphics and Animation
Suhel Nafar
Art Director and Stylist
Nada Nafar
Bassam Beroumi, DAM, Rami Saleh, Nabil Nafar




beautiful movie. A child's view of the world is so much more positive than that of adults. But as a Palestinian adult you have suffered much at the hands of the Israeli suppressors. How much better the world would be if the children headed the governments. Palestinian children and Israeli children can play peacefully together as children. But then something happens in the growing up stage that creates the injustice between the two peoples of Semitic origin .


This is one of the more delightful and uplifting films I have seen in a while. Thank you for creating such a wonderful film so others may watch it and experience the joy of imagination.