Palestinian musician Moe Kabha sings “Wen Ala Ramallah” - Chicago version

I was browsing new videos this afternoon and stumbled across musician Moe Kabha. His latest video for the popular folk song “Wen Ala Ramallah” (“We’re going to Ramallah”) uses street protest footage from Chicago and Ramallah and shows off Palestinian dabke. You may recognize some faces! Enjoy the video, the dancing and his other tracks below.

وين ع رام الله
محمد كبها

Your talent is Allah’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to Allah. And, I’m thankful to Allah for giving me a beautiful voice. A voice that I use to represent the beautiful traditions of my beautiful and one of a kind country “Palestine”. This song is for Palestine and all the Palestinian People everywhere.

Other tracks by Moe Kabha




Yes one day we can ALL go to Ramallah, what great Dabke music & dancing, great people the Palestinians,why do they have to suffer so much under the zionist apartheid regime? SUMUD, Free Palestine