Video: Israeli lynch mob hunts for Palestinians in Jerusalem

In this video shot and edited by Boycott from Within activist Ronnie Barkan a gang of young Israeli men can be seen stopping cars to determine whether the drivers were Arabs.

This occurred as Israelis gathered in Jerusalem on 5 July to chant “Death to the Arabs!” and “Death to leftists!” just days after Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu Khudair was kidnapped and burned alive.

On Sunday, Israeli police arrested six “Jewish extremists” for the 2 July murder of Abu Khudair.

In Barkan’s video, members of the mob stop one taxi cab and ask the driver “Are you Jewish?” before letting him go.

They tell another driver “You’re also a Jew, don’t worry.”

One of the youths shouts “Let’s go to Musrara,” an area on the edge of eastern occupied Jerusalem where they might be likely to find more Palestinians.

“Give it to the Arabs, sons of bitches!” another shouts.

Israeli racists had used Facebook to call for similar rallies around the country.

Twitter users opposed to the protests monitored or commented on them using the hashtag #antifa972.


In the face of the escalating incitement since the bodies of three abducted Israeli youths were found in the occupied West Bank one week ago, some Israelis have organized protests against racism.

Avgad Yavor posted this image of about two hundred people taking part in an anti-racism rally in Pardes Hana, near Haifa on Sunday. He said that across the street were some fifty opposing protestors whom he termed “Nazis.”

These small anti-racism rallies must be seen in the light of the overwhelming atmosphere of intense anti-Palestinian incitement from politicians and on social media that has surged in recent weeks.




Jewish Brownshirts! Nazis! This should be forwarded to every network and cable news show, every Senator and Member of Congress. America should see what it is funding when it gives billions to Israel each year.


Anyone familiar with Brownshirt activity in the streets of 30s Germany will have no difficulty recognizing the antecedents of this behavior. The southern lynchmobs of our own twenties and beyond join in the historic parade. It's far past time to call things by their real names.


Their are the antisemitic.thei not are semitics,their are zionazis,from europe not from the land


Why are these Nazis from Germany, Poland, Russia, Latvia etc in the streets of Palestine, Jerusalem (West Bank) running around claiming its their country =/ it's about time these hooligans go back home from there holiday.