Anti-Palestinian group StandWithUs solicits photos of “Zionist Halloween costumes”

Anti-Palestinian advocacy group StandWithUs caused a stir on Twitter yesterday by posting a tweet soliciting photos of “Zionist Halloween costumes.”

StandWithUs tweet soliciting photos of Zionist Halloween costumes

The overwhelming majority of retweets and responses appear to be from individuals and organizations associated with the Palestine solidarity movement.

Some responses poked fun at the recent revelation that Creative Community for Peace (CCFP), a self-described “apolitical” arts organization dedicated to fighting boycotts of Israel by entertainment industry figures, is thinly-disguised proxy for StandWithUs. The tweets mocked the very idea of a “Zionist Halloween costume” in light of the fact that StandWithUs itself is actively masquerading as a different organization:

Others ridiculed the concept on the basis of “Zionist” archetypes associated with StandWithUs’ particular brand of far-right ideology:

The prefix of “slutty” widely used in contemporary Halloween costume concepts was also a popular subject:

I couldn’t resist contributing a few ideas of my own, based on both “Creative Community for Peace” and on other known pseudonyms employed by StandWithUs:

With minimal engagement from its anti-Palestinian constituency, StandWithUs may have to chalk this particular social media stunt up as a failure.

I’d still like to see more actual photos, though.


Abraham Greenhouse

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Abraham Greenhouse is a longtime Palestine solidarity activist based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter as @grinhoyz.