Maureen Clare Murphy

A tree-hugging "peace" film detached from Palestine's reality

Maureen Clare Murphy
17 April 2014

Funded by the EU, Under the Same Sun portrays boycotters of Israel as bullies.

1970s film of Palestinian struggle in Lebanon restored

Maureen Clare Murphy
17 November 2013
Women handle reels of film

Emily Jacir and Monica Maurer create homage to victims of massacre in Tel al-Zaatar refugee camp.

Bombing victim's spouse acknowledges Palestinians' pain in new memoir

Maureen Clare Murphy
17 October 2013
Cover of What Do You Buy the Children of the Terrorist Who Tried to Kill Your Wife

David Harris-Gershon recounts attempting to meet “terrorist” who nearly killed his wife.

A sanitized military occupation in Ziad Doueri's facile film on suicide bombing

Maureen Clare Murphy
6 September 2013

Even Shin Bet intelligence officers are presented as sympathetic in The Attack.

New film shows sacrifice without reward for Palestinians in Lebanon

Maureen Clare Murphy
3 September 2013
Photograph from the 1980s shows family sitting in refugee camp

Central character in Mahdi Fleifel’s documentary resents how “leaders” have sold out the revolution.

Glenn Greenwald skewers US injustices in compelling latest book

Maureen Clare Murphy
28 August 2012
Columnist Glenn Greenwald’s most recent book demonstrates “how the law is used to destroy equality and protect the powerful” in the United States today.

The future of Palestine's grassroots struggle: Nilin activist Saeed Amireh interviewed

Maureen Clare Murphy
23 August 2012
Saeed Amireh tells The Electronic Intifada about Nilin village’s decade of struggle against Israel’s wall and where the movement must go next.

Film review: Palestinians in Israel honored in debut comedy feature

Maureen Clare Murphy
10 May 2012
The under-recognized steadfastness of Palestinians who clung onto their land in the areas of Palestine upon which the State of Israel was declared is lovingly praised in Sameh Zoabi’s lighthearted debut feature Man Without a Cell Phone.

The undercover persecution of Muslim Americans

Maureen Clare Murphy
13 April 2012
The case of a Muslim man in Pittsburgh arrested one day before he was to publicly state he was the target of an FBI sting operation exposes the injustices in domestic terror prosecutions.


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