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The Electronic Intifada maintains three e-mail lists, the Newslist of the Electronic Intifada and the Newslist of Electronic Iraq, both of which are general announcement and news lists which keeps you up to date with additions to the sites, important announcements, and general EI news; and the EI/eIraq Weekday Press Picks List, a joint mailing list from the Electronic Intifada and sister Electronic Iraq project, which offers a summary of key media coverage in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the US-Iraq crisis.

Simple list management tools are available at:

What can I do at the above link? You can subscribe, unsubscribe, read the archives, and subcribe to the RSS feed for either list if you would prefer to receive messages in your newsreader.


The Google News Alerts sign-up screen

Tip: Want to be kept informed every time an article is added to EI or an article is published in the media that mentions EI? Sign up for Google News Alerts with the phrase “Electronic Intifada” (in quotes), and select the pulldown box “as it happens”. Google News’s spider crawls and archives all articles by EI and will send you an e-mail when a new article is found.