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Action Items

Action Alert: US delays visa for BDS leader Barghouti on eve of tour

18 February 2011

Sponsors of a US speaking tour featuring boycott, divestment and sanctions movement leader Omar Barghouti call on supporters to contact the US Consulate in Jerusalem and the Department of State to fulfill US promise of “Promoting the Global Marketplace of Ideas” and grant Barghouti’s visa.

Protest pinkwashing at the San Fran LGBT Film Fest

Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism
17 February 2011

Queer organizations around the globe are mobilizing to let filmmakers and other cultural workers know that the Israeli government is trying to “pinkwash” its war crimes by giving money to queer cultural events, including the upcoming San Francisco LGBT Film Festival.

Activism News

South Africans apologize over forest planted on Palestinian village

Sarah Levy
5 May 2015

Donors to the Jewish National Fund are often unaware they are helping to conceal the results of ethnic cleansing.

Did Hillel board member inappropriately advise Stanford on divestment request?

Nora Barrows-Friedman
21 April 2015

Students of color backing divestment reject claims of “anti-Semitism” by Israel lobby groups.

Letters to the Media

Don't take right to education for granted

Sobhi Samour
29 January 2007

In your article “A model for EU-Israel integration” published in the English online version of Haaretz (17 January 2007), you argue that a closer relationship between the EU and Israel in the field of scientific and academic exchange would be of mutual interest for EU and Israeli citizens, as well as for its research communities and consumers. Building on the successful European experience of encouraging research collaboration and financially supporting those who want to study or research abroad, you are inviting Israeli researchers to apply for and participate in the new Seventh Framework Programme that will be funded with 55 billion Euros.

Dennis Ross' curious maps problem

Hugh Sansom
9 January 2007

Dennis Ross’s [“Don’t Play With Maps,” 9 January 2007, The New York Times] concern over President Carter’s use of maps in Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid is curious. The first of the maps on page 148 does indeed resemble an Israeli map — one presented at Eilat in May 2000. The Palestinians rejected it categorically then. Perhaps it was also presented in July 2000 at Camp David. That Israel should have presented it at all shows audacity — and little Israeli interest in peace. That it might have been presented again boggles the mind.